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Rent or Own, the choice is yours!


At St. Ives Resort, our condo units are available to rent or to own (if available) during your preferred time period. 


For those who would like to have a particular condo unit for a specific week each year, purchasing that week may be right for you. The cost of owning a week at St. Ives is surprisingly low; from $1 during the Low Season to $7000 during Peak Season (plus a one time $750 legal fee). The purchase of a week makes you a deeded 1/50th owner of your condo.


Once you own your week, the only cost is the annual maintenance fee of $583-$697/year (depending on unit). If you choose to become part of a vacation exchange program, you can exchange your week at St. Ives for over 4500 resort destinations worldwide!


To see the condos available to purchase, just choose one of the following time periods:


Weeks 1 - 17    (January  through  April)


Weeks 18 - 19    (May)


Weeks 20 - 41    (May - October)


Weeks 42 - 43    (October)


Weeks 44 - 52    (October - December)



If you are interested in any of our weeks available to purchase, please call us at (250) 955-2525

or email us at


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